Which past Will Smith movie would have benefited most from having two Will Smiths?

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Which past Will Smith movie would have benefited most from having two Will Smiths?

You had me at two Will Smiths.

As aWill Smithpoke-or-die, that became my declaration upon listening to the premise forAng Lee’sGemini Man, wherein the actor stars as each Henry, a center-old vogue assassin, and his younger clone, Junior, who’s been sent to smash him. Now,opinionshave moderately dimmed the pleasure for Smith vs. Smith, with the execution no longer living up to the promise, nonetheless the premise of getting two Will Smiths for the associated rate of 1 is aloof pretty inspiring.

So inspiring, if truth be told, that it got us questioning (okay, perfect me): What past Smith movie would have benefited most from that gains a 2nd Will Smith? (Unsurprisingly, this expect comes from the the same mind at the aid ofthisandthis).

Let’s behold at the contenders.

Flawed Boys

The fresh memoir:I loveMartin Lawrenceas great as the next Lawrence, nonetheless every person would be all in on seeing soft-talking Mike Lowery (Smith) partnering alongside with his equally charismatic twin brother, Marcus Lowery (sorry, no longer sorry that I stole Lawrence’s personality’s first title). Téa Leoni wouldn’t know what to enact with herself!

Men in Dark II

The fresh memoir:All in favour of that this disappointing sequel overlooked the tag, one other Smith couldn’t damage, true? With Agent J now established as the Men in Dark’s fresh top agent, why wouldn’t an alien poke searching for to take dangle of over Earth send one amongst their luxuriate in in an Agent J cover to infiltrate our world’s ideal defense?

Wild Wild West

The fresh memoir:Dr. Loveless (Kenneth Branagh) became out creating giant mechanical spiders, so what’s stopping him from being surely sooner than the instances and constructing a James West (Smith) robot? Imagine the song video prospects!


The fresh memoir:Smith within the smash gets hisNutty Professor. Sorry, Kevin James, you’re out, and in as Hitch’s (Smith) most modern consumer is Aaron Hitchens, who is your exact opposite of his matchmaking younger brother.

I Am Legend

The fresh memoir: Imagine thinking you’re the ideal person left on this planet after a lethal pandemic, and then you definately bustle into someone who appears an related to you. That may possibly be a mind f—.


The fresh memoir:Throw a scar on Smith and manufacture him the superpowered villain Hancock has battled throughout ancient past. One thing else would be higher than the random monetary institution robber they became the antagonist midway by scheme of the movie when they realized that there became no mammoth atrocious.

After Earth

The fresh memoir:Does it topic? One thing else would be higher than the favoriteAfter Earth. K, because it’s a sci-fi movie, let’s recount there’s a multiple-dimensions instruct, so Kitai (Jaden Smith) and Cypher (Will Smith) advance on Earth and whereas Kitai is working around he meets the Earth version of his father. Here’s hoping that this Cypher surely has feelings and does stuff.


The fresh memoir:You wouldn’t need some twin scenario right here, as we withhold Smith as human cop Daryl Ward and perfect add him in a bunch of makeup as orc cop Slice Jakoby (as a replace of Joel Edgerton). Essential? No, alternatively it may possibly as a minimal manufacture this movie severely appealing.

And the winner of simplest double Will Smith movie is…


Hancockis one amongst the noteworthy unfilled-promise movies of the supreme decade or so. Will Smith as a reckless, alcoholic superhero? C’mon, slam dunk! Well, with a 2nd Smith getting to be the villain — which the actor never does — then we’re within the smash pleasant this attainable.

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