Pro-Trump Manafort Juror Paula Duncan Warns Against Pardon: He ‘Needs To Pay The Label’

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Pro-Trump Manafort Juror Paula Duncan Warns Against Pardon: He ‘Needs To Pay The Label’

A juror from Paul Manafort’s trial who helps PresidentDonald Trump is warning the president in opposition to pardoning his used marketing campaign chairman.

“Paul Manafort needs to pay the tag for what he did,” juror Paula Duncan told MSNBC’sLawrence O’Donnellon Thursday, asserting she would be “very disenchanted” in Trump if he pardoned Manafort. 

Manafort became as soon as sentenced on Thursday to asurprisingly mild 47 months in the assist of bars. When requested if she had a message for the president, Duncan spoke back:

I’d yell, ’President Trump, that’s a colossal mistake ― or a huge mistake as he would yell. That would possibly perchance perchance most likely send a execrable message to utterly different of us and it would form President Trump behold execrable, too. 

Duncan made headlines after Manafort’s trial remaining yr when she confirmed off her “Accomplish America Large Again” cap to Fox News and talked about special counselRobert Mueller’s investigation became as soon as a “witch hunt to try and search out Russian collusion.”

However she talked about she effect of living her political allegiance apart in the face of the evidence. 

“Discovering Mr. Manafort guilty became as soon as laborious for me. I needed him to be harmless, I basically wanted him to be harmless,” she talked about at the time. “However he wasn’t.”

Though Duncan voted to convict on all 18 charges Manafort confronted, she talked about a holdout juror resulted in aconviction on eight, alongside side monetary institution fraud and filing a fallacious tax return.

Duncan also talked about that Trump became as soon as “doing a correct job” and that she plans to vote for him every other time. 

Undercover agent her paunchy dialogue with O’Donnell above. 

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