Rose Leslie clarifies that Equipment Harington Sport of Thrones finale rumor

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Rose Leslie clarifies that Equipment Harington Sport of Thrones finale rumor

Rose Leslie is clearing up a fable about herself, husband Equipment Harington, and the ending ofSport of Thrones.

We askedThe Correct Struggleand oldschoolGoTactress for her facet ofthat disclose where Harington talked aboutshe asked him how the explain’s upcoming high-secret final season ends. Harington talked about he told her after which
“she wouldn’t check with me for roughly three days.”

The fable is quite ethical, except a pretty key bit: Their conversation used to be about the ending of season 7, no longer season 8.

“I truly don’t know the ending [of the show],” Leslie talked about. “He told me the ending of final season and I be mindful getting somewhat uppity about that … He came about to deliver me – and here’s a spoiler for any one who hasn’t considered the final season – he came about to deliver me that no doubt one of the most dragons drop into the ice lake, after which we query the dragon being dragged out of the water and the dragon breathes fire — or ice, I can’t reasonably be mindful which one it is some distance, I think it’s fire — onto The Wall, after which, needless to command, that’s when the total [Army of the Dead] can then perilous over. So he told me about the dragon and I obtained reasonably furious with him, on anecdote of I talked about, ‘You weren’t purported to deliver me every little thing! And that’s a broad piece of recordsdata!’ And he’s fancy, ‘Properly, you asked!’ And I was fancy, ‘I know.’”

Leslie added: “To be gorgeous I was perchance reasonably ridiculous within the vogue I phrased it. I was fancy, ‘Sigh me some things, however don’t disclose me assorted things.’ But I no doubt don’t know the ending to [the show] on anecdote of, middle of attention on it or no longer, it’s such a huge out of the ordinary explain, and I wish to be fancy the relaxation of the arena and search it in precise time and acquire that discover up and anticipation. I wish to at final attain to the final episode and no doubt – and I basically point out this – no doubt no longer know which intention it goes.”

So did Leslie no doubt no longer issue to Harington for three days over the ice dragon spoiler?

“That used to be an exaggeration,” she talked about. “I like that he talked about three days. Glimpse at him making an are trying to acquire a soundbite. That’s hilarious!”

Previously, Harington made some Leslie-linked headlines by noting his wife reasonably no longer exclaim herpersonality’s vital catchphrase, “ nothing, Jon Snow.”

Leslie accomplished Ygritte, the like ardour of Harington’s Jon Snow, on the explain for three seasons. The duo obtained married final July.

The Correct Strugglereturns for season 3 on March 14. Sport of Thronesreturns for its final season April 14.

—Kristen Baldwin contributed to this disclose.

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