From infants to bridezilla, The Marriage ceremony Planner writer finds nixed sequel vital functions

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From infants to bridezilla, The Marriage ceremony Planner writer finds nixed sequel vital functions

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As obvious as yodeling atop a horse will ship it into a crazed plod, the 2001 romantic comedy The Marriage ceremony Planner used to be always intended to quit with the titular marital architect Mary (Jennifer Lopez) smooching Steve  (Matthew McConaughey) — the engaged man who saved her life from a renegade dumpster totally to plunge for her attraction while she facilitated his marriage to 1 other lady — as they sluggish-danced in the San Francisco park that hosted their first date.

Nevertheless screenwriter Michael Ellis at the start outlined a trilogy (and a TV series) to continue their fable, beginning with Mary and totally pal Penny (Judy Greer) planning the couple’s nuptials.

“She’d turn out to be a bridezilla,” he tells EW of Mary’s intended evolution, which would “abolish” her friendship with Penny. “There’d be some grit to it…. they mark that in the first film presumably they weren’t attempting at every numerous realistically. There have been some attention-grabbing romantic questions there.”

And ignore Mary’s confession about wanting a toned-down seaside wedding (whole with cool, salty lumber).

“When it got right here to her possess wedding she’d be cherish, I desiremytall day,” Ellis explains. “When we have been doing the learn for the film, the general wedding planners we interviewed have been slightly cynical relating to the brides they have been working for; In phrases ofright here’s going to be my wedding, they aesthetic went loopy…. when Mary will get to have her possess tall day, [she doesn’t] desire it to aesthetic be on a seashore, she wants her day in the spotlight. The drama of it’s she’s turn out to be exactly the extra or less factor she hated, and she takes a step wait on and figures out what’s vital to her.”

“We’d also batted around the principle that, for the duration of the planning of the wedding, Mary found out she’s pregnant…. Which could perhaps presumably consequence in the third film: Mary planning her daughter’s wedding!” he continues, adding that the central couple would’ve separated forward of the third film’s timeline, nonetheless the act of planning their child’s wedding would bring them wait on together. “The premise of what she’d desire for her daughter and what her daughter wants would reach into play, and no topic her trip used to be in the 2d film, in the third film she’d be taught a lesson and attempt and educate her daughter what she’s discovered and presumably attempt and chat her out of the wide spectacle of all of it on fable of it doesn’t mean the rest. What’s vital is the person you’re going to be with, and she’d attempt and educate her daughter that lesson.”

Despite the truth that Ellis mentioned his tips with director-producer-choreographer Adam Shankman (who even filmed an unused, fantastical dance number in the park after Mary and Steve’s first practically-kiss), the films didn’t originate; Ellis confirmed, nonetheless, that ABC offered a single-digicam dramedy pilot in step with the film around 2006 that never took flight (Ellis supposes the swift cancellation of David E. Kelley’s an identicalMarriage ceremony Bellsseries at Fox had something to like with it).

“It used to be cherish a brand modern incarnation ofThe Love Boat, where Mary facilitated a brand modern [wedding] every episode,” Ellis provides, likening the series’ construction to that ofGruesome Betty in that it would have prolonged the faded half-hour comedy structure into a soapy, hour-long affair.

And but, ABC in the extinguish handed on the venture (despite the truth that the network didn’t present EW with confirmation on Ellis’ claims relating to the planned TV ticket). Nevertheless that hasn’t stopped Ellis from dreaming about what could perhaps also’ve been.

“In that model, Mary and Steve didn’t make it, so she used to be in the marketplace another time,” he finishes. “[But] Steve got right here wait on at the tip of season 1, cherish her model of [Sex and the City’s] Mr. Substantial” — ever lingering cherish the odor of candy crimson plums and grilled cheese sandwiches.


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