Let’s discuss THAT twisty cliffhanger gag of RuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4

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Let’s discuss THAT twisty cliffhanger gag of RuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4

Warning! This post contains major spoilers concerning Friday’s episode ofRuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4. Be taught ahead at your possess menace! 

Love Monique Coronary heart’s hairpieceflung in direction of outer setwith the rocket thrust ofEureka clocking Miz Cracker’s face with a bible, you can per chance per chance bag our collective wig dangling within the rafters after Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4ended on a surprising cliffhanger (and a fittingly maniacal RuPaul cackle, for sure).

On the tail slay of the episode (and per chance essentially the most straight forward lip-sync of the season between field champions Manila Luzon and Monét X Alternate), Mama Ru launched that each queens had earned the designation of being “a winner, small one.” That seemingly supposed that as a lot as two of the backside-finishers (Monique Coronary heart, Valentina, Trinity The Tuck, and Naomi Smalls) had the ability to be eliminated. But before lipsticks have confidence been drawn, Ru launched thatAll-Stars rules had been postponed “till further ogle,” and that no person might per chance per chance per chance be packing their baggage this week.

When the queens returned to the Werk Room, however, a cryptic inscription from RuPaul greeted them from the makeup gain: “Prepare to lip-sync to your existence, existence, existence, existence,” the message read. Within the spirit of Alyssa Edwards’ iconic on the support of-the-gain picture fromAll-Stars 2, Girl Bunny (the topic of this week’s roast field) looked from the different aspect of the glass, prompting the girls to flip around most sharp to search out the beforehand eliminated queens —Jasmine Masters,Farrah Moan,Gia Gunn, andLatrice Royale— indicate-mugging within the heart of the room.

Now that now we have confidence an inkling of what the gag of the season might per chance per chance per chance be, EW breaks down how the supreme twist ofRuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4might per chance per chance per chance play out all over subsequent week’s episode below. 

Downside 1: The returning girls lip-sync to opt which one will return

The teaser trailer for subsequent week’s installment guarantees that Jasmine, Farrah, Gia, and Latricewillblueprint lipsticks. But the count on remains: What for? With huge vitality comes huge accountability, and onAll-Starsthat infrequently contrivance she who attracts the lipstick sends a fellow contestant dwelling. But what if every the eliminated queens lip-sync in opposition to every other, and the winner will get to reach aid with every other queen of their preference, as definite by the name on the lipstick tucked away in her breast?

Downside 2: The returning girls lip-sync to opt an elimination

The most evident challenge, however, means that the returning queens will lip-sync in opposition to every other to opt which of their sisterscurrentlywithin the opponents will be eliminated. The winner of the lip-sync will then rejoin the opponents other than the girl they’ve chosen to eliminate.

Downside 3: A aggregate of each

RuPaul is known for including a gag on high of an already neatly-played goop, so there might per chance per chance per chance be an additional twist in store. At this level, bringing aid the eliminated queens for a second shot on the crown is foundation to truly feel frail. Every season, everybodyis aware ofit’s coming; we merely don’t knowwhen.

As controversial as their vote to eliminate each Shangela and BeBe Zahara Benet was, the moderately remixed version of thereturn-of-the-eliminees twist that played out all overAll-Stars 3 — which saw the eliminated girls serving as a jury vote casting to opt the tip two without the different of re-entering the opponents — was the boldest raceDrag Tearhas made so a long way by manner of flipping a given season’s yarn. Having the eliminated girls lip-sync for his or her merely to reach aid to the opponents wouldn’t be a shock, however giving them an start slot plus the vitality to engage out even handed one of the girls serene within the running? That might per chance per chance per chance set a novel regular by no contrivance before considered inDrag Tearher-legend.

No topic the approaching twist is…
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Be taught the sort it all plays out whenRuPaul’s Drag Tear All-Stars 4returns subsequent Friday, Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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RuPaul—as host, mentor, and ingenious inspiration—decides who’s in and who’s out.

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